Southern Hard Rock / Greece

Sound truck was formed at 2008 in Athens Greece and they play Southern hard rock. With influences such as ” ZZ-Top ”, ” Lynyrd Skynyrd ”, ” The Allman Brothers ”, ” AC / DC ” and ” Blackfoot ” they have acquired a distinctive and unique sound

Ever since they formed in 2008, they have been playing in various small clubs and stadiums in their hometown and other cities in Greece and abroad. Sound trucks are one of the most
well-known southern rock bands in Greece at the moment. The band quickly became well known because of the sound and the energy coming out on the stage. Highlights of the band are the opening of Lynyrd Skynyrd c oncert in Athens in 2012 at the baseball field at Hellinikon, participation in the Czech Republic’s Krenovske Bigbit Festival in the summer of 2015 the support act in Blues Pills in Athens in 2015 a mini tour in I taly at October of 2018 and our participation at Suwalki Blues Festival 2019 in Poland.

Soundtruck have released 2 album and 3 songs. The first album “ Soundtruck ” was released in June 2012 and it was a self-released album. It received great reviews and it was available to the public on the same day the band opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd. The album made a great sense to the world and got excellent reviews from the press (domestic and foreign), while the released show in Athens at Kyttaro Live Club was sold out. Two acoustic songs, “ High ” and
“ Sweet Little Babe ” were released in May 2013. These are an acoustic and more country version of the electric songs featured in the first album. This release gave SoundtrucK a ticket to the playlists of the most popular radio stations in Greece (Rock FM, Sport FM etc.) ” Six Round Weapon ” is the first digital single of the band and was released in May 2015. The second album “Voodoo” was released on 31st of July 2019. So far the album has take great reviews from press all over the world. (Power Play Magazine UK 10/10), (Metal Hammer Greece 8/10), Rock Hard (10/10) and others.