Having fun is always a must

Getting there:

  • Camping is possible on Thursday from 1 p.m.
  • On Friday in September the gates open at 17:00. Please follow the signs to the festival and the parking attendants will tell you where to park. Saturday, September 10th, the festival is from 12:00 p.m.
  • A security check will be carried out upon entry. The security staff is instructed to carry out body searches. The right to refuse entry for good reason (against reimbursement of the entry price) is reserved.
  • The organizer assumes no liability for material or physical damage.


  • On Sunday, the camping site must then be cleared again by 4 p.m. at the latest.

Age limit:

  • Of course we observe the youth protection law! Above all, that means: no high-proof alcohol to under 18-year-olds.
    The following also applies:
  • Children and young people up to the age of 16 are only allowed to enter the area with the
    parent or legal guardian to enter.
  • Education assignments (“mother’s note”) are not accepted.
  • Young people aged 16-17 are only allowed to enter the event area after midnight with a parent or guardian. Without an accompanying person, they have to leave the premises at midnight.
  • Security and our SinnerRock are instructed to enforce the Youth Protection Act in every case.
  • Please bring your identity card or an equivalent document with you.



  • The campsite opens at 1pm on Thursday and closes at 3pm on Sunday
  • All campers with a valid camping ticket can drive directly to the entrance of the camping site. Once there, please follow the instructions of the staff.
  • When you enter the campground, you will receive a garbage bag for which you leave a € 5 garbage deposit. When you leave, bring the filled garbage bag back to us and you will be reimbursed the € 5.
  • We are still a small festival and we are sorry but we do not have electricity for campers or caravans.
  • You are of course allowed to bring your own food and drinks on the camping site, * please not in glass containers *, but not allowed on the festival site
  • Camping and driving on the campsite is at your own risk. Generators are prohibited in the campsite
  • Bringing pyrotechnics and weapons.
  • Tape recordings, film recordings and videos are prohibited without the permission of the organizer…… Failure to comply will result in exclusion from the event.
  • If possible, please avoid bringing glass containers with you.
    Broken glass is a hazard in the field.


  • We hope that in 2022 we will not have to introduce regulations like last year.

    Please understand those around you and stick to good hygiene habits

    IF new rules are introduced in September ahead of the festival we will update our social media and website.

    (If necessary, we will introduce a comprehensive hygiene concept and assume that everyone will adhere to it in their own interest. However, anyone who intentionally violates it will be expelled from the festival site!)

  • Please be considerate of others. Everyone wants to have fun
  • Read the signs and obey the rules that day. The current situation is changing a lot, but we must all be careful to follow the rules and keep the incidence of corona low.


  • Entry to the festival is from 5pm on Friday September 9th
  • Camping from Thursday September 8th at 1:00 p.m
  • Children under 13 … free entry

First aid:

  • A Red Cross team will be at the entrance to the site throughout the festival. If you need help, please contact one of our crew members.

Food & Drinks:

  • This year we will have a delicious range of dishes ready for you. Announcements will be made very soon.
    You are allowed to bring your own food on the campsite, but not on the festival site


  • Open fires are prohibited on the entire site!
  • barbecuing with charcoal, kerosene lamps, torches and fireworks are not allowed!
  • Gas camping stoves and gas grills are allowed!

Health damage:

  • We would like to point out that there is a particular volume in the area of the stage on the SinnerRock and that there is a risk of possible damage to health (e.g. hearing damage). We are only liable for damage to hearing and health if we or our vicarious agents have acted with intent or gross negligence, or if we have culpably injured a
    or have culpably failed to fulfill a duty of care. Barriers in the area of the stage are to be observed.
    We recommend that you wear suitable hearing protection, e.g. when standing near the loudspeakers and in front of the stage. B. earplugs, and choose a position in front of the stage that suits your own listening habits. Staying in the immediate vicinity
    to the loudspeaker boxes and in front of the stage is at your own risk.

Domiciliary right:

  • The domiciliary rights are exercised by us as organizers and by our security staff. The instructions must be followed.
    Visitors are prohibited from overcoming barriers, carrying prohibited objects, using physical violence against other visitors, members of the SinnerRock team or other visitors, throwing objects onto the stage or other visitors and urinating outside of the toilets.


  • Animals are not allowed on the campsite and festival site.


  • Photo cameras are generally permitted for private purposes.
  • Video cameras as well as tape recorders, MD recorders and all other audiovisual recording devices are also prohibited, unless prior agreement and in writing


  • Avoid Garbage! Use the garbage cans and collection points! We collect waste glass in separate containers!
  • We want our little town to stay tidy and clean, so please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided
  • A fee of € 5 garbage deposit will be charged at the entrance to the camping site. In exchange you will receive a garbage bag and a deposit token from us.
    If you bring the token and the garbage bag back to us on your departure, you will receive your € 5 garbage deposit back.

Emergency exit:

  • The fairground is small and in an emergency, please follow the signs and instructions from our security team


  • Parking for festival visitors is only permitted in the designated areas. Please follow the instructions of our usher on arrival and departure.
  • All campers with a valid camping ticket can follow the signs to the entrance to the camping area. Once there, follow the instructions of the staff.
  • Every car must be manoeuvrable at all times in an emergency. So please follow the instructions of our stewards and always keep the streets clear of the squares.


  • Backstage access is only granted to photographers and the press organized in advance, and then only in certain areas.
    This must be discussed in advance with either Steve or Renate. Contact details can be found in our legal notice


  • Absolutely forbidden at our festival
    Weapons of any kind, firearms, knives or other sharp objects, such as killer rivet belts, as well as explosives and pyrotechnic objects are expressly prohibited!

  • Zero tolerance for hard drugs! Festival ban!!!!!!

    We do not tolerate any kind of political statements. Violations will result in immediate exclusion from the event.

  • During a violent thunderstorm, the safest place would be to go to your car. Please do this calmly.

  • Any conflict, if any, is a conflict of words. Anyone who threatens to use violence will be expelled


  • There is no electricity at the campsite.
    The local natural pool has a limited number of parking spaces that have access to electricity.
    These cannot be reserved.


  • It’s a festival!! So we have Dixis. We know they’re not the best, but that’s what we have.
    If you’re having so much fun that you make a real mess, it’s best to clean it up yourself or ask a friend of yours to help 😉
    That way it stays clean for everyone
  • There will also be Dixis on the campsite. These are only for people who have paid for camping.
    Please observe the hygiene rules with hand disinfection.
    Lost items:
  • If you find lost items on our premises or if you miss them, contact us HERE and we will do our best to help you.
  • We have limited camping spots next to the festival site. The cost is 15 € per person and can be bought with your online ticket.

    Toilets will be available for you.

On Thursday September 8th you can arrive from 13:00. Please follow the signs to the festival.

Those arriving to camp should follow the instructions from our helpful security team.

Depending on the weather, you can park right next to your tent or not. You will receive more information on this in the next few days.

Bringing food and drinks (please not in glass containers) is of course allowed on the campsite, but not on the festival site. Camping and driving on the campsite is at your own risk. Generators / power generators are prohibited on the campsite.

We will have marked areas for you to camp in, keeping a distance of 2 meters between areas.

You will receive a SinnerRock camping sticker that you can attach to your tent or mobile home in a clearly visible place.

This is still a residential area so we ask that you keep the noise to a minimum.

  • Hotels in the area

  • *** Hotel Regena Health Resort & Spa
    Ernst-Putz-Strasse 52, 97769 Bad Brückenau: Tel +49 9741 801820, E:


    • This luxury hotel offers visitors to the Sinner Rock a special price. So be sure to tell them that you are going to SinnerRock.
  • Schwarzenfels Castle , Family Hölzer: Tel 06664-919140
  • Franconian court , Zeitlofs: Tel .: 09746-9308360


ear plug
Rain poncho
Stick lighter

Do not forget!

Identity card
credit card

No – go’s

Your own alcohol
Luxury goods
Trolley case
Umbrella mostly useless, rather rainproof clothing
Power generators / generators

Directions by car

Festival place on Aspenweg – 50 ° 15’04.9 “N 9 ° 37’21.6” E