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Über uns
Über Uns

Steve Iorio

Steve is the lead guitarist and songwriter of The Vagrants and plays over 1000 shows in 13 different countries.

Steve has taught contract law, copyright and publishing law at the university. He is also an accomplished guitarist who has travelled around the world for the last 30 years.

Steve has developed and organised many festivals and fundraising in Australia and Europe.

Now Steve and Renate live in Germany and focus on the potential and development of SinnerRock.

Renate Iorio

Renate is the lead singer of The Vagrants, who has toured in 13 countries and played more than 1000 shows.

She has also been running her own import and wholesale business in Australia for 15 years and is also a logistics coordinator for her band’s international tours.

Renate is a qualified designer who creates websites, logos and product brands for customers around the world.

Now Renate and Steve live in Germany and also focus on the potential and development of SinnerRock.

“It was only supposed to be a small concert of the newcomers….”

The musician couple Renate (Melbourne, Australia) and Steve (New York, USA) Iorio moved to the Hessian community of Sinntal-Altengronau in 2017 and were warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of the 1200 Soul village. “You can play a little concert,” was the invitation from neighbors. A matter of course and great joy for the newcomers. But why not invite some bands and music lovers of the scene to organize a rocky evening together? So the idea was born! However, the small get-to-know-you concert became the first rock metal open-air, which was supported by the locals with great enthusiasm. SinnerRock started 2018 for the first time with 650 visitors. Steve and Renate like the challenge, so instead of a stage they decided on 2 stages with 12 international bands and solo artists, which provide the best atmosphere and unique rock for one day. Headliner in the year of its creation, of course, “The Vagrants”with frontwoman and rock tube Renate Iorio. An incredible success for organizers and the small community of Altengronau. Many volunteers support the project and it was clear it wasn’t the only SinnerRock. A music festival for rock and metal fans who can look forward to young and international newcomer bands. In addition to better-known acts, exclusive artists and underground heroes, there will be a platform on 2 stages. They perform their own songs in personal style, causing the rural area in the geographically unnamed triangle between Rhön, Vogelsberg and Spessart to shake. An open air from and for scene fans! “We are very proud of our idyllic village for being able to create such a reputation and to be an integral part of the summer open-air map,” say Renate and Steve Iorio. The visitors and fans of SinnerRock can look forward to what the crew is thinking for the next few years. Promises are again hard guitar sounds, as well as unique voices.

We hope you will support us all in this exciting event