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DevilleIn 2004 in Malmö, faith united four brilliant musicians to form Deville, a heavy rock band with great song writing and infectious energy. Armed with their authentic fusion of rock, metal and stoner, they set out to rock the world. And they still do, more powerful than ever! Since 2004, they released five albums, played nearly 400 gigs and festivals all over Europe and the United States and shared the stage with great acts as Red Fang, Torche, Mustasch, Truckfighters and many others. In the past sixteen years, the line-up changed multiple times, leaving guitarist and singer Andreas Bengtsson as the sole remaining founding member of Deville. Along with the changing line-up, their style has changed, too. At the end of 2005, Deville released its first record, a split CD with Sergej the Freak. This album presents finest stoner rock with lots of bass, pumping rhythms and a husky voice. Back then, their sound was frequently compared with the music of Black Sabbath, the Foo Fighters or Audioslave. Two years later followed their first full-length album Come Heavy Sleep and in 2009, they released Hail the Black Sky, both with a major stoner rock attitude. During 2011 and 2012, the album Hydra was created and turned out more intense and elaborated than their work had been so far. While losing some of the stoner qualities, they started to experiment with a heavier rock tonality and darker tone, creating a tighter, more straightforward rock. After the release of Hydra, lead guitarist Andreas Wulkan joined in 2013 and the band continued touring. So far, they played gigs in 19 European countries and ten US states. Deville recorded their fourth full-length album Make it belong to us in 2015 at Sunnanå Studios. This album turned out more progressive and metal influenced but still with the significant hooks and melodies that the band is known for. The band is compared more frequently with Kvelertak or Mastodon – they developed a heavy rocker momentum, and it suits them well! In 2016, Bassist Martin Nobel joined the band and their sound received an even more aggro edge and turned darker. Pigs With Gods, released in 2018, is the band’s most recent – and fifth album in their career. It picks up where Make it belong to us left off, moving in an even more heavy direction to straight metal, leaving the stoner genre behind in favour of a more classic metal sound. And the guys revel in their performance: the first single Gold sealed tomb was featured in official metal playlists Kickass Metal and New Metal on Spotify and reached over 100.000 plays in only a few weeks. This year, Deville has high ambitions. With drummer Michael Ödegården, who joined in 2019, they will grace Australia with their roaring riffs and in fall follows a tour through Europe. To put it in the band’s own words, their music is “like a rock and metal punch right in your face”! Hungry for more and looking forward to meeting them in fall! “Sharp balance of beat-up stoner hedonism and a shiny overcoat of vocal melody, which gives a modern-day feel without losing that sense of nostalgic rebellion” – METAL HAMMER “While there are steady elements to their approach and they never come close to losing their tight grip on what they do, Deville are just working to a high standard, and surpassing where they were before.” – THE OBELISK